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Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Health Counselor
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What People Say

Those who have worked with me in clinic speak most clearly about the healing work I do. Their words are here below. My given and legal name is Amy. Beginning the summer of 2021, I began asking people to call me Zoe. You’ll see both reflected here.


I have been a part of this clinic and connected with Zoe for 2+ years. The spiritual, physical, emotional care that I have experienced since working with this wonderful spirit has changed my life and the way that I interact with the world. Together we have focused on how to live into the fullness of my wingspan as a 6’2 African American male in this country. No words can describe how important this work has been as I move about the world a little more taller, a little more confident, a little more with purpose. All because of Zoe’s expertise, the tools that she has equipped me with and the mindfulness that she purposefully lives out in her own life every day. If you are ready for change in your life, one conversation with her will set your mind, body and soul on that path.


I have staunchly trusted in Western medicine my whole life, and still do. But following an only-semi-successful back surgery I took a colleague’s recommendation and contacted Amy. Her work with me has been life-changing. Amy’s care complemented physical therapy to reverse the symptoms of a herniated disk in my neck and ultimately prevented a seemingly inevitable second surgery. But there’s more.

Amy begins each session with a short interview, and on days that I need it, this conversation can lead to new understandings and unexpected emotional release. Amy’s integration of acupuncture with counseling and other elements of Chinese medicine have helped me become a healthier and higher-functioning person not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. She is magic.


Working with Zoe this year has been like finding a missing puzzle piece to understanding and healing my mind/body connection. I didn’t know how much more whole, grounded, calm, and integrated I could feel, even after many years of personal work, until I started seeing Zoe. She has worked with me by utilizing an incredibly rich, deep, and broad range of modalities to look at and address long term physical body ailments and struggles, as well as social-emotional challenges including anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and flashbacks. It is difficult, if not impossible, to place Zoe’s work – which is a calling – in a neat and singular box because her skillset is so diverse, wholistic, and inclusive.

In addition to her talent as a practitioner, Zoe is relentlessly engaged in doing her own work, and is appropriately open to sharing of what she has come to discern – even when the journey is hard. She is a beautiful soul, who works from a place of deep respect for clients, greeting them with compassion, honesty, humility, and kindness. Working with Zoe is a gift, allowing me to show up in my life as a person who is fuller, richer, and more compassionate to others and myself.


Zoe Darling is a human being of integrity and honor. She is a highly skilled somatic therapist. She supported me into complete recovery following three major knee surgeries. She is also a masterful guide to those undergoing the trials of psychic and somatic transformation. Zoe is a rare and precious teacher deeply grounded in the present moment from her own decades of dedicated zen practice. She brings together her suite of experiences, skills and common sense to help guide those seeking healing and grounding in these wild and suffering times.


I met Zoe as a colleague through an event at the Medical Dental Building. We talked casually. I told her I was having a difficult time in my business practice due to hand issues. The pain was intolerable and there was no way to modify the use of my hands which I need for my work. Zoe suggested I come see her. And my healing journey began.

First, it wasn’t my hand. It was actually my shoulder. Second, once that was figured out, we found ways I could modify my posture to enable me to continue working. I became more aware of my own movement. Third, acupuncture.

Over time we went on to address a few other issues, of course (addiction being one).

One day she asked, “how’s your hand?” I was confused.

“Fine. Why are you asking about my hand?”

She had the perfect response: “You’re welcome.”

It had healed and I’d already forgotten the intolerable pain.

I continue to see Zoe to maintain, as I never want to go back to those early days. She can help with so much more than pain.


I’ve been visiting Amy Darling for over eight years. She has been a beacon of light in every way possible. Seeing Amy (almost) once a month has been the best selfcare I have ever given myself. I am so thankful to have found her! Acupuncture sessions with her have been the closest thing I’ve had to therapy and have helped me become a more realized human being. She has also helped me stay super athletic into my mid 40’s. Amy has some incredible intuition for acupuncture and East Asian Medicine. She is incredible at targeting the source of the injuries and providing some immediate relief. Thank you for everything!!


I have Ulcerative Colitis and was looking for alternatives since my GI doctors only have one answer...meds. Amy was recommended by a friend who also has colitis. In treatment, I feel both my mind and body were addressed, my tendencies toward anxiety and depression, and my low back issues! I feel more connected to my body than I ever have in my life. I have a new respect for my body and this has helped me become more balanced in my head and heart. Amy is amazing. I feel heard and valued. The treatment she gives is individualized and thoughtful. I appreciate her direct and easy communication. She is a superb doctor, an expert in her field.

Laura B

I have been going to Amy for 13 years; not because I am sick but because she keeps me well. Her knowledge and gentle guidance have helped keep small flare ups from becoming worse. Because of her my health is better. My COPD and allergies are under better control. She makes me a partner in my own healthcare.


I have worked with Amy for close to 10 years and have seen her consistently, every 3 to 6 weeks, over the past decade. She has played a major role in my health and wellbeing — both physically and mentally — and I greatly appreciate her holistic care and compassionate approach. When I first started seeing Amy, I was having severe, recurring sinus infections and respiratory issues which required me to be on multiple rounds of antibiotics every winter. Under her care, I was able to overcome this horrible cycle and have not suffered a respiratory infection in many years.

I continue to see her to maintain my respiratory health and manage my asthma. I now use my inhaler only a few times a year. Amy has also help ed me recover from a sports injury, post - surgery, and in addition, she has treated me for digestive issues, stress, and sleep issues. I am grateful for Amy’s incredible knowledge, expertise, and genuine interest in my wellbeing. I’ve recommended her to man y and will continue to do so!

Laura S

I first encountered Amy as a referral from another practitioner whose client load was full — lucky me! Though the focus was on the mental/emotional aspects of my health, in my first treatment Amy addressed a long - standing issue in my foot which, as a dancer, meant a renewed sense of connection to the ground and consequently my ability to once again train and perform with my whole body.

Since then she has managed several physical conditions for me that Western medicine was unable to unravel and she has supported me through ailments, challenges, and big changes in my own path. I am now a health care practitioner and I have often looked to Amy as a model for the type of practitioner I want to be. Addressing the who le being of mind, body, and spirit, providing guidance coupled with compassion, and always from an open heart, Amy’s work provides needed relief and a foundation for one’s own healing. I have been a client of Amy’s for over a decade and hope my relationship with her continues at least as long.

Amy is more than just a practitioner — she is a force of nature in the art of healing.


Suffering persistent pain and diminishing range of motion in both hips from advanced osteoarthritis, and after trying physical therapy with no improvement, I discovered Doctor Amy Darling in late 2018.

I was immediately struck by her deep kindness, ability to listen intently, and inquire not only of my physical ailments, but also my state of mind. Her acupuncture and cupping treatments soon began to help ease the relentless pain but were not long lasting due to the extent of damage to the joints.

Early in 2019 I announced a decision to go forward with hip replacements and without questions or hesitation Amy said she would help me through it all. And she did, above and beyond my expectations. Since recovering I cannot fully express my gratitude for her unwavering support, intuitive and expert care, and profound wisdom before and after both surgeries. In combination with my PT she has truly opened the door to a brighter future of wellness and outlook for life. Thank you Amy!


Amy embodies mindfulness, humbly offers keen insight, and inspires me along my journey to live with radical acceptance, love, more peace and even more ease. With Amy acupuncture has both healed injuries and nurtures my whole being into a place of deep calm, clarity, and spaciousness. Amy’s practice gives to me so that I can then show up into my life mindfully, listening to what my spirit needs, thereby offering a more present me to all those that I show up to in this wild ride of living.

Mary L

First Zoe’s background is worth noting. She trained at one of the best acupuncture schools in North America, Seattle Institute of East Asian Medicine (SIEAM previously SIOM). Second, she’s practiced and studied Zen for close to 30 years. In other words, she is a student of life that digs deep. When I refer patients to Zoe, I trust that she is going to bring inquisitiveness and compassion to light the path of healing.

Dr. Kristen Allott, ND, LAc