Zoe Darling
Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Health Counselor
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Every single person can learn to tune in: to listen their own physical and emotional bodies with more awareness and kindness. When we learn to tune in, we just have more choice. We have more choice about how we respond to and experience the world. And there are benefits for physical and emotional health.

Over close to 30 years, I’ve had amazing teachers and mentors. Having guidance and support when one starts to explore meditation and mindfulness can be so helpful. Lots of questions come up. I meet people where they’re at. Cultivating these skills takes some effort and intention. Every single person can do it! Everyone can develop confidence and agency in the bodymind. I am dedicated to supporting people in this journey. This is the part of my work about which I am most passionate.

I’ve worked with all walks of people introducing meditation and mindfulness: incarcerated people at Monroe (ongoing since 2006), with hospice clinicians, high school teenagers, Unitarian Ministers, downtown corporate Seattle workers, and people in clinic every day.


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I’ve had a dedicated meditation practice since 1996. My own training includes periods at the Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery  every year 2001-2020. I received lay ordination from Shodo Harada Roshi in 2010. I trained and practiced in Insight Dialogue (an interpersonal contemplative practice) 2010-2015. I became certified as a Mindfulness Teacher through training with Mindfulness Northwest (2015-16). I have and continue cultivating in somatic traditions to dismantle my own embodied white supremacy with Holistic Resistance, Rev angel Kyodo Williams and Resmaa Menakam. I continue to work, and it is work, on my own ability to tune in every day.